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    Automatic Registration Prevention

    Agreement to Collect and Use of Personal Information

    ProtectNS collects customer's personal information as below in accordance with the article 22, Section 2 of Article 23, and Section 2 of Article 24 of Information Communications Network Act in relation to personal information use.

    • 1. Personal information ProtectNS collects

         Personal information ProtectNS collects : ProtectNS collects personal information as below for service counselling, etc.

      • - Required information : name, nationality, contact No., email address, business category, issue/subject/message of inquiry
    • 2. Purpose to collect and use personal information :

         ProtectNS uses customers' personal information collected for the purposes below.

      • - send newsletter
      • - service counselling
      • - deliver related data, advertisement such as new service, etc.
    • 3. Period of use and retention of personal information: from the date personal information is provided to the date request for account closure is received.
    • 4. You have a right to reject to the agreement of collecting and using personal information. However, in case of agreement rejection, it is unable to send service inquiries.


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